Off again


Nick Kempinski
1 min readNov 26, 2021


I really wanted to move to medium. I mean really really really. However, as much as I believe it’s a great simple & elegant platform, I am not engaged with the content. I rarely open the app. And when I do:

The world is American.

As, not an American, I want to get all that junk out of the way. Yet it seeps in between the lines over and over again. Everything is politics. Even the reason for your well intentioned posts have a feel of political bent. Give me something to make that go away.

The worlds is ending.

It’s true the world can feel bleak lately. I feel it enough, and don’t want to scroll past so many people venting about it.

No one is good enough.

I could be a better writer, I could be a better programmer, I could try and lead instead of follow, I could make more money. The self help section of a library is only one small section. Here, it feels like it’s the majority. I’m not in a place to be reminded that you have advise, which you yourself may not follow, on how to “get there”.

So, see you later… again… for now… and thanks for the fish.



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