On again / off again

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Since it’s inception I’ve had this on again and off again relationship with medium.com.

For the next bit, I’m back. I reactivated my subscription. Set up the custom domain, ethernick.com, and whenever that propagates, it will now live here.

Moving Orality too

Additionally, my substack project around orality will be moving over here as well. Maybe it’s the audience, maybe it’s the platform, more likely it’s me. Either way — you may have seen new posts. Me moving posts over.

Medium.com not Medium

The one thing that might cause me a mental challenge , is “Medium” is not “Medium.com” so I might be one of the few to add the “.com” when referring to the website.

So… why the switch?

I’ll admin, I have no clear reason. The writing tools. The exposure. The community. The slightly higher-brow content. Plus… I’m on a reading kick again, so I’m already going to pay. It’s like using Amazon Prime — if I’m going to pay — I’m going to use as much of it as I can.




Canadian 🇨🇦. Media Thinking. Discovering New.

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Nick Kempinski

Nick Kempinski

Canadian 🇨🇦. Media Thinking. Discovering New.

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