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Stop fake news. Give it perspective.

The fight isn’t working. Perhaps we need a different way.

This is a thought I had in university. I haven’t built it because… life.

What if instead of determining a binary true/false to information, we instead expose the perspective of a piece of content. Not to degrade it by calling it “fake”, but look at all sides without judgment — walk around it.

Like The Hudsucker Proxy, here’s how I think, in one simple graphic we can see it.

Put a dot on it, and you’ve got it.

Here’s how it would work

Take a circle, and put a dot on it.

You can calculate X & Y from a degree and vis-versa.

X = Fact or Fiction.

If the dot is in the top half of the circle — it’s trustworthy, factual, validated, bonafide, news: Whatever word you choose, agree or not, it’s real.

If the dot is in the bottom half — not so much. Gossip, hearsay, fiction, alternative, downright fake. It could be a fake article with misinformation, or it could be any Harry Potter book.

Now, what about a good biopic? Maybe a little of both? That’s ok.

Y = Bias

Our good friends Left & Right.

There are a few points of discussion around this idea of bias being so polarized. I’m honestly not sure it works globally, so I’ll bring this back up later.

100% has no bias

As you probably have noticed, at the core of this idea is that there’s an inherent struggle for “pure” anything. As anything reaches 100% it removes the possibility of bias or truth. There are always trade-offs with a perspective that make it impossible, intentional or not, to be everything.

I think this is where the simplicity starts to unfold. Let’s run through a few examples

Pretty newsworthy. But there’s a sway to the right.

Whatever this was had a little too conservative, or republican, hearsay and conjuncture than news.

Nothing is wrong with good old fashioned gossip. After all, grocery store aisles are filled with it.

I guess whoever read this, felt it was a little leftist.

Now we’re getting back to the world of news and journalism. But there’s a little too much bias so you can’t call it perfect, not yet anyway.

More than one perspective

From there, it’s math and statistics. Take 1 to 5,000,000 peoples perspectives. Figure out X & Y and do The Maths.

I’m sure it can be more complicated than that. But that’s where smarter people than me are needed.

How do we see the result?

What I’ve always envisioned is a browser plugin. Either in the URL or an icon like this

That way you always see it as you’re browsing. How we apply this to tweets and social posts? That’s a good question.

I feel though that anything with a URL ( or more technical URI ) is game for getting a perspective.

Open the floor for discussion

What is 0° & 360°?

In my images, I used “fact” as my starting point ( a nod to Gladwell’s default to truth ). But it could be the bottom equals 0°. My feeling is no matter it should be on the Y-axis.

I wouldn't want it left or right, as that could mean even more debate on bias. 0° either meaning a dominant or submissive place of a perspective.

Only Left & Right? Does that ring globally?

This concept I feel is dicey. As a Canadian, even though I don’t have 2 parties, I have a sense of what is “left” and “right”. Does the rest of the world? I honestly don’t know.

Other questions? Probably.

There’s more… but it’s a start.

Of course, there’s more to all of this.

My feeling is that the current tactic of oppressing and big warning flags on information only fuels the fight. By allowing the free flow of information and identifying a perspective, it gives the power back to the individual consumer to choose for themselves.

I now give this to the net to do with it as it may.




Canadian 🇨🇦. Media Thinking. Discovering New.

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Nick Kempinski

Nick Kempinski

Canadian 🇨🇦. Media Thinking. Discovering New.

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